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Hi Everyone,

                          This is Kannathal from Coimbatore. Cooking is not only my hobby, it is my passion. This is a site with many south Indian recipes and some western recipes. Traditional sweets and snacks recipes are available here. 
                          My journey with You Tube started on March 4, 2013. My channel name is ‘Thamil virundhu ‘. Here I must mention about my son Karthik Valliappan. I did not have any account in any social networks till I had started my You Tube account. I knew nothing other than using internet for my needs. This was all the relationship between me and a computer.
                           I shared my thoughts with him, ” Karthik I’m getting bored when you are off to school “. He replied, ” Ma, you cook very well . All of my friends loved my lunch you prepared for me today . Why don’t you upload some cooking videos in You Tube, You will not feel bored or lonely when we are out . Besides that, we will get delicious recipes to enjoy…..”
                          – ” It is good to hear, but how will I do it ?”
                          – ” Ma, I will help you “.
                           He opened a g mail account and taught me everything about editing & creating videos. Even though he was only 12 years ( he was doing his 7th grade ) he helped me in uploading videos. There might be many people behind each success. For me, it is my son. I am proud of him. Thank God for the gift He has given me.
                           I must mention about my husband Chinniah . He always encourages me. Whenever he tastes my dishes he would give me lovely comments. He often says, ” If you start a hotel, We will never be able to control the crowd. Your recipes are that much superb, believe it or not , this is true “. I have not experienced any discouraging comments from him. Once again Thank you so much.
                           I would like to share my first experience at the kitchen when I was 17. That day my parents had to attend a function. I was given the responsibility of taking care of my Grandpa. 
                           My Mom said, ” prepare idly and coconut chutney ( It is easy to prepare, so she preferred this chutney ) for night dinner. You know well to make idly. Get the idly batter from the fridge. For making coconut chutney, grind coconut and a green chili, then temper it with mustard seed & urad dal “. Simply she finished the recipe detail. ” Can you prepare it ? ” 
                            – ” Ha ! it is simple ma, I’ll do it “.
                            Once my parents left, proudly I entered to our kitchen. All the steps went well except the last one. Yes, I boiled the coconut chutney nearly for 5 minutes once I seasoned it !!!. 
                            My God !!! It doesn’t look like ordinary chuney .( milk and shreds were separated by heating, so it became watery ) I have to serve it because I did not know to make any other side dish.
                             ” Iyya ! ( Grandpa ), How is my chutney ?”.
                             ” It is good pa. (……!!!  Thank you iyya ! ) But why does it look watery? “
                             ” I too feel the same Iyya ! But I don’t know the reason ” ( I came to know that, I should not have boiled it )
                               But dear readers, Now I am getting so many credits , not only from my family and also from my relations.
                               Get My recipes at thamil virundhu ( not tamil virundhu ). Try my recipes and don’t forget to give your comments. Thank you for the precious time you have spent.
                                               By C. Kannathal – Thamil virundhu