How to make filter coffee in Tamil / Tips to make thick decoction

How to make filter coffee / Tips to make thick decoction
How to make filter coffee / Tips to make thick decoction

The key secret of making filter coffee lies in the strong decoction. Read the tips to make perfect filter coffee or degree coffee. This ‘How to make filter coffee ‘ Tamil video explains well about making thick decoction and flavourful filter coffee method.

 You need

Coffee filter

Coffee powder – 2 tbsp


1. We need a coffee filter to brew coffee. You have to choose coffee filter according to your family members whose mornings start with a cup of coffee. You have to fill coffee powder at least 1/4 of the upper perforated cup and fill out water accordingly. Less than that won’t give the strength decoction.

2. Based on your need and quantity of consumption, you need to buy one. If the total house consumption is about 4 to 5 cups, then go for a small one.

3. Put 2 tbsp or 3 tbsp of coffee powder into the perforated upper chamber and cover the powder up with the perforated distributor which is used o control the flow of water ( it will be given with the coffee filter when you buy it from shops ) . Now press the coffee powder with this tool.

4. You can give tight pressure if your coffee powder is in coarse texture ( just like idli podi ). If you press too loose, then the water gets through so fast and the decoction won’t be strong. But some coffee powder brands are in fine powder texture, for that you should not press it tightly. Just press it gently. The water won’t get through the powder if too much pressure is applied over the fine coffee powder.

5. Now boil water in a separate pot and pour it in the upper portion. Cover it with the coffee filter lid. It will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes for the entire filtrate to collect. If you want you can again add hot water and brew it second time.

6. Boil milk. In a cup add a tsp of sugar,  1 or 2 tsp of coffee decoction and froth well. Now you can enjoy the hot filter coffee.

Note : 1. Sometimes, perforated upper cup gets stuck with the coffee powder, so clean it with a hard brush if needed.

2. Do not re heat the coffee. It won’t taste good.

3. Keep the left over decoction in refrigerator by keeping it in a tight container.

Written by: Kannathal chinniah

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