prawn 65 in Tamil / prawn fry in Tamil – eraal varuval

Written by: Kannathal chinniah

prawn 65
Prawn 65 in Tamil – Prawn fry

Today let us learn to make Prawn 65. We make this prawn fry recipe at least twice in a month. Watch this recipe video in Tamil language. Here it is…

Tamil video recipe

prawn – 1/2 kg
rice rava ( suji or semolina ) – 1 tsp
chili pdr – 1 tsp
turmeric pdr – pinch
corn flour – 3 tsp
salt, oil
ginger garlic paste – 1 tsp

1. Prawns should not be watery while marinating. ( when deep frying it will absorb more oil). In a pan , add prawns after cleaning and cook it in low flame only for 5 minutes. At this time prawn expels water and it will become thicker. Now strain the excess water. SEE VIDEO
2. In a add strained prawns and add rice rava, chili pdr, turmeric pdr, corn flour, salt, ginger garlic paste. Mix it well
3. Set aside this marinated prawns for about 2 hours.
4. After 2 hours, deep fry all the marinated prawns till golden brown colour
5. Serve this prawn 65 with onion slices.
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Written by: Kannathal chinniah

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