Ragi milk chapathi in Tamil – Finger millet kelvaragu chapati

Ragi milk paratha – finger millet chapati recipe – variety chapati
Ragi milk chapati in Tamil – Finger millet, kezhvaragu, keppai recipe

Raagi chapati is a healthy breakfast recipe made with wheat flour and raagi milk. Raagi ( finger millet, kelvaragu, keppai, muthari, nachni ) is a type of millet grain cultivated in India from ancient times, raagi is well known to be rich in protein, calcium, iron, and it is gluten free grain. Now let me start to write the method for making raagi chapatti. Tamil video of this recipe embedded below.

Tamil Video Recipe

wheat flour – 250 g
whole ragi – 200 g ( Soaked in water for 4 hours )
maida / all purpose flour – 1 tbsp.
1. Grind soaked ragi with little water – Drain the ground water ( ragi milk ) in a bowl by pouring it through a maslin cloth. Save this 1st milk and do this method 2nd time with a cup of water with the same ragi shreds – Save this 2nd milk also
2. Now add 1 tbsp of all purpose flour and salt with wheat flour. Knead the dough using 1st and 2nd ragi milk instead of water. Set it aside for 30 minutes.
3. Now make lemon sized balls from the dough and roll it as you do for ordinary chapatti.
4. Heat the chapatti tawa , then put rolled chapatti – wait for a minute till small bubbles appear at the top, then flip it over and again wait till you get brown batches at the base . Then add a tsp of oil ( don’t add oil at the beginning ).
5. Now ragi chapatti is ready to serve with gravy.
      ragi parathas1  soaked ragi  ragi milk  ragi parathas5  ragi parathas6

Written by: Kannathal chinniah

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